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ICON developer meeting at the DKRZ

From February 11th to 14th, 49 participants met for the first of the two ICON developer meetings scheduled for 2019 at the DKRZ in Hamburg. This meeting was followed by the ICON infrastructure meeting that was attended by 26 scientists on February 14th and 15th. The infrastructure meetings take place on a quarterly basis. Both events were organized by the DKRZ. The German-Swiss ICON community includes the DKRZ, the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, the German Weather Service, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the ETH Zurich, the CSCS (Swiss National Supercomputing Center) and the Swiss weather service MeteoSwiss.

During the ICON workshops, developers collaborated on site to focus on scientific issues and on infrastructure respectively computer specific aspects of the ICON model code. At the beginning, the participating institutions gave an overview of the current state of their work in order to jointly plan and coordinate the further work steps. Subsequently, several programmers worked in different so-called "coding sprints"   cross-institution working groups   on specific tasks. The co-jointly work achieved the results much faster and more efficiently than work by individual programmers at their own institutes.

The subsequent ICON infrastructure meeting was devoted to classic HPC infrastructure topics. The DKRZ is very much involved in the technical development of the ICON infrastructure, such as the optimization of the code, the parallel input and output, the development of software components or libraries for MPI communication, the coupling of atmosphere and ocean or the visualization of model results.

The two ICON meetings proved that successful and efficient development of the ICON code requires regular working meetings. All working groups delivered concrete results including the next work steps and corresponding responsibilities.


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