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Nov 16, 2013

The this year's Supercomputing Conference (SC13) takes place from the 16th till 22nd November 2013 in Denver. More than 10,000 scientists, users, vendors and decision makers as well as more than 350 exhibitors attend the most important international conference on high performance computing that celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. DKRZ, looking back on 26 years of climate computing, invites visitors to go on a journey back in time through 25 years of DKRZ at its booth (number 329).


DKRZ booth at SC13 in Denver, USA

During these years DKRZ operated five generations of supercomputer systems. The available computer power and volume of archived data literally grew million-fold.

Furthermore DKRZ presents the latest results of climate modeling that contributed to the fifth IPCC assessment report and about its data management.

DKRZ is engaged in the Birds-of-Feather-Session „Exascale10 / EIOW“. And Prof. Thomas Ludwig chairs together with Albert Reuther and Amy Apon the Birds-of-Feather-Session „Cost-Benefit Quantification for HPC: An Inevitable Challenge“, in which costs and benefits of high performance computing is analyzed and cost efficient computing is discussed with investors and users. Further information: here


DKRZ-Stand auf der SC13 in Denver, USA

SC13-LogoProf. Thomas Ludwig also talks during the session „Extreme Scale“ about the topic “Tools for Earth System Modeling”. The computation of earth system models not only requires massive computational power, it also challenges I/O systems of disks and tape drives. The talk concentrates on the different phases of knowledge gaining ranging from program development up to the final data analysis.

During the SC’13 the latest  Top500 List of the most powerful high performance computers is released. After four and a half years of operation Blizzard at DKRZ dropped out of the list.

More general information on the official  SC13-webite.

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