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ISC‘19: Mistral on rank 73 of the TOP500 list

Jun 20, 2019

From June 16 to 20, about 3,500 conference attendees and 160 national and international exhibitors attended the ISC High Performance 2019 (ISC'19) in Frankfurt/Main to discuss the latest HPC technological developments and applications. This year's focus was on the categories of HPC systems, applications and algorithms, as well as future-oriented trends and challenges in the field of high-performance computing. During the conference the latest TOP500 list of the strongest HPC systems was launched. Mistral was listed in rank 73 and is therefore still the sixth largest supercomputer in Germany.

The DKRZ was again involved in numerous activities at the ISC'19. At the ISC exhibition, DKRZ co-jointly with its co-exhibitor - the European Center of Excellence ESiWACE – presented at its booth an interactive touch-screen with ultra-high-resolution climate simulations. The simulations used the ICON climate model with a global resolution of 2.5 km to 5 km and were run within the projects ESiWACE and DYAMOND.

At its booth DKRZ also presented career prospects and open job offers at the DKRZ, especially during the STEM Day on 19 June 2019.

On June 18th DKRZ employees gave short presentations about their work and projects at the booth of the Gauß Alliance:

  • Project ESiWACE: Towards Global Kilometre-Scale Weather and Climate Predictions (Philipp Neumann)
  • Project TaLPas: Large-Scale Molecular Simulation of Droplet Coalescence ‑ Scalability, Load Balancing, Auto-Tuning (Philipp Neumann)
  • Climate visualizations (Niklas Röber)
  • OpenMP kernel distribution via LLVM pass transformation (Jannek Squar)
  • Integrating Storage Systems and Self-Describing Data Formats (Michael Kuhn)


Employees of the DKRZ and of the group "Scientific Computing" also used the opportunity to present their latest research results, projects and innovations during the ISC Research Poster Session in the exhibition hall, being chaired by Phillip Neumann.


DKRZ was also engaged in the PhD Forum In-Situ Simulation Data Compression for Climate Domain on June 17, 2019, and in the workshop HPC I/O in the Data Center  on June 20, 2019.

The student team of the University of Hamburg, which was supervised by the group "Scientific Computing" at DKRZ, competed as one of the two German teams with 13 other teams in the Student Cluster Competition. Further information, news and results can be found on their Twitter channel:

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