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Coherence is a measure of the similarity of waveforms in adjacent seismogram traces.

These waveforms are influenced by faults in the subsurface. 3D coherence cubes are therefore suitable data objects for detecting such fault structures. Semblance, taking values between 0 and 1, is a commonly-used measure of coherence. The processing technique applied within the scope of project BMWi 0325363C, 3D CRS, generates a coherence cube as secondary output of the optimization procedure. This coherence cube represents a low-pass filtered, positive definite representation of the 3D stacked section with improved signal-to-noise ratio. It can be visualized like a 3D stacked section.

The following animation starts with a map of the study area. After that, a succession of animated inline, crossline and time slices through the data cube are shown. Despite maximum semblance values of only 0.02, the inline slices show structures of comparatively high semblance with yellow and bluish coloring. Moreover, we have marked a borehole position with a red sphere. The crossline slices, however, show only little meaningful information due to a bug in crossline-direction processing.


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