Projekt Nr. Einrichtung Titel Autoren
5 U-UNI-HH-MET Impact of sea surface temperature changes on tropical cyclone activity in a global atmospheric climate model Thomas Frisius, Sk. Md. Abubakar Abdullah and Kenneth Rumi Ayadiani
42, 46 A-HGF-AWI-B Production and spreading of glacial melt water from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Yoshihiro Nakayama, Mathias van Caspel, Hartmut Hellmer, Ralph Timmermann
49 A-HGF-AWI-P Modelling Arctic atmospheric circulation H Matthes, A Rinke, D Klaus, A Sommerfeld, X Zhou, W Dorn, F S Hanf, I Hebestadt
60 M-MPG-MPI-BGC JSBACH performance in comparison to observations and other models T. Raddatz, V. Brovkin, D. Dalmonech, A. Loew, S. Hagemann, C. Reick, S. Zaehle
62 M-MPG-MPI-C Radiative effects of lower stratospheric volcanic and carbon aerosol as simulated by the CCM EMAC for 2002 to 2011 Christoph Brühl, Jos Lelieveld
62 M-MPG-MPI-C The contribution of outdoor air pollution sources to premature mortality A. Pozzer, J. Lelieveld, J.S. Evans, D. Giannadaki
80 B-HGF-DLR-PA Climate effects of emissions from the transport sector R. Sausen, J. Hendricks, M. Righi, C. Kaiser, M. Ponater, V. Rieger
122 U-UNI-HH-OZ Geotechnologien und Erdsystemforschung Detlef Stammer, Armin Köhl
125 U-UNI-HH-GEOPHY Coherence based seismic imaging in crystalline rock environment: A real data example Khawar Ashfaq Ahmed, Benjamin Schwarz and Dirk Gajewski
304 H-HGF-HZG-IFK Impact of volcanic eruptions on the climate of the 1st millennium AD in an Earth System Model simulation Sebastian Wagner, Eduardo Zorita
555 K-MPG-MPI-M The land contribution to natural carbon cycle variability R. Schneck, C. H. Reick, J. Pongratz, V. Gayler
617 B-HGF-DLR-PA Global and regional atmospheric chemistry modelling M. Mertens, V. Grewe and P. Jöckel
688 B-UNI-MZ-PA Zirren in der Tropopausenregion Vera Bense, Matthias Voigt, Philipp Reutter und Peter Spichtinger
706 B-HGF-HZG-GERICS Applying Climate Service in The Future Okavango (TFO) Project Torsten Weber, Andreas Haensler, Arne Kriegsmann and Daniela Jacob
726 B-DKRZ The WASCAL regional climate simulations for West Africa D. Heinzeller, C. Klein, D. Dieng, G. Smiatek, J. Bliefernicht, M.B. Sylla, H. Kunstmann
747 B-UNI-WÜ-GEO Decadal predictability of West African monsoon and impact of improved initial and boundary conditions: ocean and aerosols A. Paxian, H.-J. Panitz, D. Sein, M. Warscher, M. Breil, T. Engel, J. Toedter, B. Ahrens, A. Fink, D. Jacob, H. Kunstmann, H. Paeth
764 B-MPG-MPI-M Multi-model ensemble analysis of Pacific and Atlantic SST variability in unperturbed climate simulations Davide Zanchettin, Oliver Bothe, Angelo Rubino, and Johann Jungclaus
771 B-HGF-AWI-P TORUS: Towards multi-resolution global climate modeling with ECHAM6-FESOM: Mean climate, climate variability & sensitivity studies D. Sidorenko, T. Rackow, T. Jung, T. Semmler, D. Barbi, S. Danilov, K. Dethloff, W. Dorn, K. Fieg, H. Goessling, D. Handorf, S. Harig, W. Hiller, S. Juricke, M. Losch, J. Schröter, D. Sein, Q. Wang
780 U-UNI-HH-OZ Hochaufgelöste Ozeanmodellierung Brüggemann N., Chouksey M., Czeschel L. , Eden C., Griesel A., Jurgenowski P., Pollmann F.
801 B-UNI-HH-OZ Atmospheric and Oceanic Data Assimilation Plus ENsembles Generation (AODA-PENG) A. Hense, J. Baehr, J.S. von Storch, W.A. Müller, A. Bott, V. Romanova, S. Brune, M. Zeller, J. Kröger, M. Kaleem, K. Kulkarni, H. Pohlmann, L. Nerger
807 B-MPG-MPI-M Results from different initialization strategies in the decadal prediction project MiKlip
825 - 828 B-MPG-MPI-M MiKlip Server: Data provision and evaluation for and with the MiKlip community Freja Vamborg, Christopher Kadow and Holger Pohlmann
849 B-UNI-KA-KIT Predicability and Skill of Decadal Predictions for Europe Hendrik Feldmann, Marianne Uhlig and Christoph Kottmeier
853 K-HGF-DLR-PA ESCiMo Consortial simulations
854 B-HGF-DLR-PA Simulations and aircraft observations of the Asian summer monsoon K. Gottschaldt, H. Schlager, V. Eyring, P. Hoor, P. Jöckel, T. Jurkat, C. Voigt, H. Ziereis
859 B-UNI-KA-KIT Regional Decadal Predictions for Europe within DecReg S. Mieruch, G. Schädler, N. Laube, A. Kerkweg, K. Pankatz, B. Ahrens, S. Kothe, P. Bissolli, S. Brinkmann
868 B-HGF-HZG-IFK Integrated Activity IA-3: Global High-Resolution Climate Reconstruction M. Schubert-Frisius, H. von Storch and F. Feser
870 B-HGF-AWI-B Modini: An initialisation method for decadal predictions M. Thoma, R. Gerdes, R.J. Greatbatch
873 B-UNI-HH-OZ Seasonal forecasts with the German Climate Forecast System (GCFS1) J. Baehr, F. Bunzel, M. Dobrynin, K. Fröhlich, H. Pohlmann, W. Müller
878 U-UNI-HH-MET Satellitengestützte Fernerkundung I. Hans, M. J. Burgdorf, S. A. Buehler
896 B-UNI-F-AU Climate Modeling over the Mediterranean Sea: Impact of Resolution and Ocean Coupling Naveed Akhtar, Jennifer Brauch and Bodo Ahrens
905 B-MPG-MPI-M Amplification of El Niño by cloud longwave coupling to atmospheric circulation Gaby Rädel, Thorsten Mauritsen, Bjorn Stevens, Dietmar Dommenget, Daniela Matei, Katinka Bellomo and Amy Clement
906 B-UNI-HH-MET Investigating the role of CAPE for the energy conversion during tropical cyclone intensification Marguerite Lee and Thomas Frisius
915 B-HGF-GEOMAR Winter-time precipitation response to North Atlantic SST changes in a RCP 8.5 scenario run R. Hand, R. Greatbatch, N. Keenlyside, N.-E. Omrani
915 B-HGF-GEOMAR Observed and simulated impact of the Atlantic Multidecadal Variability on the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) N.-E. Omrani, N. S. Keenlyside, J. Bader, E. Manzini
918, 33 M-MPG-MPI-M High resolution atmospheric topography key to reduce South Atlantic coastal SST bias S. Milinski, J.H. Jungclaus, J. Bader, H. Haak
920 B-HGF-AWI-B Holocene simulations using a finite-element climate model FESOM-ECHAM6 X. Shi, G. Lohmann
926 M-MPG-MPI-M INTEGRATED CLIMATE DATA CENTER (ICDC) Detlef Stammer, Felix Ament, Viktor Gouretski, Annika Jahnke-Bornemann, Stefan Kern, and Remon Sadikni
931 B-BUND-HE-HLUG ReKliEs-De Regionale Klimaprojektionen Ensemble für Deutschland