Bug #342

autoreconf fails due to missing file m4/ac_fc_module_output_flag.m4

Added by Matthew Krupcale about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

Status:New Start date:09/25/2017
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When attempting to run autoreconf on ppm-1.0.4, aclocal fails with error:

aclocal: error: acinclude.m4:52: file 'm4/ac_fc_module_output_flag.m4' does not exist

Indeed, the file does not appear to be in the m4 directory shipped with ScalES-PPM v1.0.4.

Furthermore, acinclude.m4 attempts to include this file only if the autoconf version is less than 2.70 (which does not yet exist), but AC_FC_MODULE_OUTPUT_FLAG was introduced in version 2.69 (specifically commit ac427166c5945445e307c82d44301da9480f017a).

The attached patch fixes these two issues.

scales-ppm-ac_fc_module_output_flag.patch Magnifier (2.9 kB) Matthew Krupcale, 09/25/2017 06:17 pm

scales-ppm-1.0.5-ac_fc_module_output_flag.patch Magnifier (548 Bytes) Matthew Krupcale, 10/14/2017 05:29 pm


#1 Updated by Matthew Krupcale about 2 years ago

The latest release of 1.0.5 fixes the first issue noted regarding the absence of the file m4/ac_fc_module_output_flag.m4, but this file only should be needed if the detected autoreconf version is less than 2.69, not 2.70.

The attached patch is updated for the latest release 1.0.5 to fix this issue.

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