From 08/27/2017 to 09/25/2017


07:53 pm Bug #346 (New): Failure to apply doxygen CSS patch when building HTML documentation
After applying the patches in #342 and #345, running @autoreconf -vif@ to rebuild the @configure@ and @Makefiles@, co... Matthew Krupcale
07:41 pm Bug #345 (New): No rule to make target 'dist_array.f90' when building HTML documentation
After configuring the project and running
@make -C doc/unitdoc html-local@
from the top build directory to buil...
Matthew Krupcale
07:24 pm Feature #344 (New): Add support for OpenSSL 1.1.0 crypto
@src/crypto/ppm_checksum_c.c@ was designed around the pre-1.1.0 OpenSSL API and uses a stack-allocated digest context... Matthew Krupcale
06:29 pm Bug #343 (New): ACX_FORTRAN_RUN_CHECK_SIZEOF in acx_fc_real_size.m4 does not check size of its ar...
The function @ACX_FORTRAN_RUN_CHECK_SIZEOF@ in @m4/acx_fc_real_size.m4@ does not actually check for the size of the r... Matthew Krupcale
06:17 pm Bug #342 (New): autoreconf fails due to missing file m4/ac_fc_module_output_flag.m4
When attempting to run @autoreconf@ on @ppm-1.0.4@, @aclocal@ fails with error:
@aclocal: error: acinclude.m4:52: ...
Matthew Krupcale
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