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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
350 Bug New Normal pkg-config file libraries results in overlinking 08/13/2020 08:32 PM Actions
349 Bug New Normal Missing MPI include file for non-MPI builds 08/13/2020 06:37 PM Actions
347 Feature Feedback Normal Add support for METIS v4-5 and ParMETIS v3-4 08/04/2020 08:07 PM Actions
346 Bug Feedback Normal Failure to apply doxygen CSS patch when building HTML documentation 08/04/2020 08:10 PM Actions
345 Bug Resolved Normal No rule to make target 'dist_array.f90' when building HTML documentation 08/05/2020 09:21 AM Actions
344 Feature Resolved Normal Add support for OpenSSL 1.1.0 crypto 08/05/2020 09:26 AM Actions
343 Bug Resolved Normal ACX_FORTRAN_RUN_CHECK_SIZEOF in acx_fc_real_size.m4 does not check size of its argument 08/05/2020 09:48 AM Actions
342 Bug Resolved Normal autoreconf fails due to missing file m4/ac_fc_module_output_flag.m4 08/05/2020 09:55 AM Actions
298 Feature New Normal Use binary search in sorted_insertion Thomas Jahns 01/18/2012 08:58 PM Actions
297 Bug Assigned Normal Fix i4 assumptions in multiple routines Thomas Jahns 01/02/2012 05:02 PM Actions
296 Feature Assigned Normal Multi-threaded repartitioning routine Thomas Jahns 01/02/2012 02:20 PM Actions
295 Task New Normal Apply optimizations to repartitioning routines Thomas Jahns 01/02/2012 02:17 PM Actions
294 Feature New Low Add OpenMP multithreaded index construction routine Thomas Jahns 01/02/2012 02:11 PM Actions
286 Bug New Normal Fix test for FPU precision correction code Thomas Jahns 10/17/2011 01:19 PM Actions
283 Documentation New Normal Account for preprocessor directives Thomas Jahns 09/26/2017 03:22 AM Actions
282 Documentation New Normal Add introductory page to unit-documentation Thomas Jahns 09/19/2011 01:14 PM Actions
265 Feature New Normal new prefix for public ScalES-Lib names 04/14/2011 10:54 AM Actions
263 Feature New Low Support flushing of all open Fortran file descriptors 04/11/2011 10:34 AM Actions
262 Task New Normal Deposit a .tar.gz on web-site 03/24/2011 05:27 PM Actions
261 Bug Assigned Normal Check wether make dist-check works Thomas Jahns 03/24/2011 05:25 PM Actions
260 Task Resolved Normal Investigate wether the library contains symbols not conforming to the PPM-prefix requirement and fix violations Thomas Jahns 03/24/2011 05:57 PM Actions
259 Task Assigned Normal Decide on first public version number Thomas Jahns 04/05/2011 12:58 PM Actions
258 Task Assigned Normal Produce release-ready version of ScalES-PPM Thomas Jahns 03/24/2011 05:57 PM Actions
235 Task New Normal Rename modules according to new prefix. 01/28/2011 02:16 PM Actions
221 Task Assigned Normal Ongoing documentation about technical aspects of the PPM-decompositions Joerg Behrens 07/19/2011 05:14 PM Actions
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