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11:35 am YAXT YAXT Version 0.6.1 available
This is a bug-fix release that only
* adds a file missing from the distribution archive (but is only needed when tim...


01:40 pm YAXT YAXT Version 0.6.0 available
The new YAXT release includes
* support for asynchronous exchanges (like MPI_Isend) and
* fixes for MPI implementat...


02:44 pm YAXT YAXT Version 0.5.2 available
The following improvements have been added to YAXT:
* User-defined redists via the @xt_redist_single_array_base_new@...


06:06 pm ScalES-PPM PPM version 1.0.5 available
This is mostly a bug-fix release but also includes
* the option to change the RMA synchronization method of distribu...
05:33 pm ScalES-PPM ppm-1.0.5.tar.xz
PPM distribution 1.0.5, tar.xz format
05:33 pm ScalES-PPM ppm-1.0.5.tar.gz
PPM distribution 1.0.5, tar.gz format


11:27 am YAXT Feature #333 (Resolved): Caching of communicators
Management of tags is included since commit:d81df00949be65e4e83f21d36a2b548542fba677 and can be considered mature for...
11:05 am YAXT Feature #311 (Resolved): stripify xt_xmap_dist_dir_new


03:50 pm YAXT YAXT Version 0.5.1 available
The following improvements have been added to YAXT:
* Improved g95 support.
* A memory free bug when concatenating ...


03:45 pm YAXT YAXT Version 0.5.0 available
The following improvements have been made to YAXT:
* The C part is now available as a separate library so that the d...

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