YAXT Version 0.6.0 available

Added by Thomas Jahns 4 months ago

The new YAXT release includes
  • support for asynchronous exchanges (like MPI_Isend) and
  • fixes for MPI implementations where MPI_Pack_size returns an actual upper bound and not the exact amount that MPI_Pack advances position by
  • document the consequences segmented memory architectures might have

YAXT Version 0.5.2 available

Added by Thomas Jahns 7 months ago

The following improvements have been added to YAXT:
  • User-defined redists via the xt_redist_single_array_base_new function
  • Lots of minor cleanup and bug-fixing

YAXT Version 0.5.1 available

Added by Thomas Jahns over 1 year ago

The following improvements have been added to YAXT:
  • Improved g95 support.
  • A memory free bug when concatenating empty redists.
  • A minor bug fix for stripe overlap computation when stripe starts are far apart and stride is large.
  • New constructor xt_redist_repeat_asym_new allows for different displacements in source and destination arrays.
  • Various minor fixes to tests.

YAXT Version 0.5.0 available

Added by Thomas Jahns almost 2 years ago

The following improvements have been made to YAXT:
  • The C part is now available as a separate library so that the differences in linking between Fortran and C can properly be accounted for.
  • As a consequence of the above, friendlier generic interfaces are available for Fortran and mpif.h is no longer needed for building YAXT.
  • Intercommunicators are supported for constructing Xmaps (destination indices can only be satisified from sources in the remote group) for both, xt_xmap_all2all_new and xt_xmap_dist_dir_new.
  • Correctness and performance have been improved for index stripe lists (xt_idxstripes_new) and the distributed-directory based Xmap construction.
  • Various internal and test-suite improvements.

YAXT Version 0.4.5 available

Added by Thomas Jahns over 2 years ago

In summary the changes are:

  • Better support for BlueGene/Q and cross-compilation.
  • Copy constructors for xmaps and redists.
  • Support for overlapping redist repeat constituents.
  • Stricter declaration of some API functions (added const).
  • 2 edge cases in stripe overlap got fixed.
  • The tests got improved in numerous little places.
  • Internal memory allocations have slightly less overhead.

YAXT Version 0.4.4 available

Added by redmine administrator over 2 years ago

This release fixes the prevention of unnecessary duplication of MPI communicators from 0.4.2 to finally work in all cases.

YAXT Version 0.4.2 available

Added by Thomas Jahns almost 3 years ago

This release contains a fix to prevent unnecessary duplication of MPI communicators.
Also, another example is added. It shows how to use yaxt for halo exchange of unstructured grid models.

YAXT Version 0.4.1 available

Added by Thomas Jahns almost 3 years ago

This release contains minor fixes plus a switch to run configure tests with libtool so that users are no longer bothered with details of rpath and library dependencies.

YAXT Version 0.4.0 available

Added by Thomas Jahns about 3 years ago

This release adds
  • a minor optimization to prevent unneeded duplication MPI communicators,
  • convenience functions to reduce user input at configure time
  • further documentation on how to build on Cray XC systems
  • various bug-fixes for compiler/MPI fail

The API is unchanged and this version, while a major step in regard to reliability, should be a drop-in replacement for everyone using 0.3.0 at this time.

YAXT Version 0.3.0 released

Added by Thomas Jahns almost 4 years ago

This release significantly enhances the library:

  • Fortran support is finalized, all public functions from the C API have a corresponding routine in the Fortran API.
  • Performance has been improved for computations on large distributed objects while decreasing memory requirements at the same time.

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