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output variables

requested variables and output intervalls

ENSEMBLES output list for Global Circulation Model runs


This list was developed by Silke Schubert (RT2A) in co-operation with Ole Bøssing Christensen and Burkhardt Rockel (RT3), it is as close as possible to the output list for the Regional Circulation Model runs and it shows consistency to the IPCC-AR4 data already stored at PCMDI.

Monthly mean values of all output variables have to be stored in a common database mandatory.

This output list shows the frequency of the variables which is to be stored additionally in a common database or locally.


Requested datasets are indicated by a symbol specifying the sampling frequency:

Symbol Abbreviation in CERA acronym  
1h/3h/6h/12h 1H/3H/6H/12H one/three/six/twelve-hourly instantaneous output
3hc/6hc   output averaged/accumulated/min/max over three/six hours
d D (i.e.: D0) instantaneous daily output (at 0UTC)
dc DM averaged/accumulated/min/max daily output
m MM monthly mean
mdc DC mean diurnal cycle (3h or 6h, i.e. only 4-8 values per month)
f F fixed fields

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