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experiment list for stream 2

list of available experiments and download links
Introduction to stream two simulations:

These simulations have been performed with improved version of the models some including carbon cycle and aerosol transport. The main difference from stream one in terms of the forcings is that the changes in land use fraction have been taken into account among the anthropogenic forcings, using observed data from the LUCID project over 1860-2000, and land-use changes simulated by the IMAGE 2.4 impact assessment model for the 21st century scenarios. A new stabilisation scenario (E1) has been developed with the IMAGE model in order to reach a greenhouse forcing equivalent to that equivalent to a 450-ppm of CO2 in the 22nd century.


The Stream two core simulations are:

1) Historical simulations:

As the models have been changed it has been necessary to perform again a long preindustrial control integration to obtain a balanced initial condition

-    A first historical simulation with observed anthropogenic forcings only (greenhouse gases, aerosols and ozone concentrations, and land-use fraction) over the period 1860-2000.

-    Optionally a second historical simulation similar to the previous simulation, but with in addition the observed natural forcings (solar and volcanic)

2) Future scenarios:
-    The scenario A1B with SRES forcings for GHG and aerosol, and with land-use fraction from an A1B baseline simulation with the IMAGE model
-    The new stabilisation scenario E1 using the GHG concentrations and land-use changes computed from the IMAGE model. The sulphate aerosol concentrations have been recomputed with a chemistry-transport model from the IMAGE emissions. Land-use changes have been adjusted to give continuity with the observed series.

More details about the forcings and simulations can be found on the RT2A website:



Please find here:

a list of available stream2 experiments of RT2A,

the download links for the output data. (to be completed)

and a list of already available data

experiments for ENSEMBLES
experiments for ENSEMBLES
experiments for ENSEMBLES
experiments for ENSEMBLES

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