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Climate data integration into ESGF requires standardization in order to make data intercomparable within the federation.

ESGF Preparation

Modell results or other data must strictly conform to the standard specified by the project in order to be publishable in an ESGF archive. Standardization of CMIP data is supported by the CMOR library provided by the PCMDI. As part of a BMBF-funded project, DKRZ develops tools which give further support for the data provider. This includes a new CDO operator (cmor) which prepares model raw date in a way that they can be passed to the CMOR library. Also, a python-based automatism is under development which helps handling the large and complex CMIP6 data request and generates post-processing scripts which call the cmor operator.

The Quality Assurance tool QA-DKRZ developed at DKRZ checks conformance of meta-data of climate simulations
given in NetCDF format with conventions and rules of projects. At present, checking of CF Conventions, CORDEX,
CMIP5, and CMIP6, the latter with the option to run (D. Nadeau, LLNL, is supported.

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