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New Archival System at DKRZ: new time schedule and further information

Apr 23, 2021

Dear users,

As we announced earlier this year, a new Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) system is planned to be put in operation at DKRZ in 2021. In order to adapt StrongLink, the new HSM system, more specifically to the DKRZ infrastructure, the migration will be postponed and will not yet take place in April 2021 (as originally planned).

We will announce the migration as soon as the final schedule is fixed but at least three weeks in advance. We don’t expect it to take place before the end of May 2021. During the migration, the tape archive at DKRZ will not be accessible for approximately one week. We will hold a DKRZ TechTalk in advance of the migration to prepare you for the changeover and to make you familiar with the handling and features of the new HSM. The dates for migration and the TechTalk will be communicated to you by email as soon as they are fixed. You will also find them in the FAQ (URL below).

If you already want to try out a few things with the slk tool (the new command line interface which replaces pftp), you are welcome to do so. We have set up an HSM/StrongLink training system running on a virtual machine for this purpose. There is no tape system connected to the training system and users must not archive files larger than a few megabytes. If you wish to try the slk tool on the training system, please contact [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] .

We have prepared several resources for you:

* FAQ:

* Documentation:

* Mailinglist on slk updates for (one email approx. every two weeks):

Best regards,

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