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Check disk usage or your project may get locked

Sep 05, 2019

Dear users,

Accounting of disk usage has resumed and can be checked at

From September 19th on, we will again disable jobs from projects which use more space on the Lustre file systems than allocated.

After the major update of our Lustre file system software in June this year, we had to suspend accounting of disk storage and therefore could not enforce any quotas.

The problem was (and still is) that the Robinhood Policy Engine we used for accounting has severe issues with the new version of Lustre now installed on Mistral. Until the software is fixed we had to revert to the accounting method we already used back in 2015 when Mistral was first installed. This only gives us the overall usage in each project. Disk utilization is not broken down to individual users. Furthermore, we can only go through each project once a day. Some projects with a very high number of files may take even longer to update.

If you are administrator of a project and need to know how much space is occupied by each user in your project, then please contact us. We can produce this information for you but due to the slow process involved, we can only do this for isolated cases.

During the time when we didn't have any accounting, the disks filled up considerably. We want to guarantee each project the space allocated through WLA or your shareholder institution so we will start enforcing the quota on September 19th. The notifications about higher utilization than allocated will resume immediately.

Best regards,

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