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Relaunch of the DKRZ Website

Oct 11, 2017

In order to optimize the process of locating and accessing information relevant to you, we revised, restructured, and partly extended our website

The most evident change is the explicit separation of the website into two parts; one addressing the public, (at, available in German and English) and the User Portal, addressing our users (at, available in English only). Both parts are visually independent websites with their own navigation structure and front page. Thereby we hope to facilitate easier access to information of interest to the respective audiences. For a fast switchover from one part to the other there is a prominent button on the top right of each page. Since some of the content might be relevant to both audiences, all content can still be reached from both parts by means of the site search and some dynamical page elements.

Particularly the structure of the User Portal has been adjusted and partly extended by information concerning e.g. our data systems and brief instructions for new users.

Documentation specific to our systems (e.g. Mistral) can be found at Instructions that describe generic - i.e. system independent - workflows (e.g. data management) are available at Announcements and news concerning the systems status, so far available only on or via e-mail, will from now on be announced at and also be visible in the calendar on the new front page of the User Portal. An overview of all configuration options for your personal work at DKRZ is given at Here we are also setting up the desired “Getting started guide” for new users.

Some of the content of the “new” User Portal is still under construction and will be continuously extended and enhanced. Irrespective of that, we are already looking forward to your feedback (via email to ) regarding the new appearance of our website!

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