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DKRZ provides high-performance computing, storage, data analysis and visualization resources to users from the German earth system research community.

The integrated infrastructure is designed for execution of highly parallelized earth system model codes, storing and sharing of large data volumes, efficient data processing and analysis, high-level 3D-visualization and long-term archiving of well documented data sets. Furthermore, DKRZ provides resources for source code management, scientific collaboration as well as a wide range of support and data dissemination services.

This listing will guide you to descriptions of our systems and point out related documentation.

High performance computing - Mistral :
Mistral is a massively parallel supercomputer combined with one of the world's largest parallel file systems.

Data archive - HPSS :
The High Performance Storage System (HPSS) is the system acting as the user interface to the tape-based data archive at DKRZ.

OpenStack Swift :
Our OpenStack Swift object storage system can be used for easily storing and securely sharing data over the internet.

CERA (Climate and Environmental Retrieval and Archive) is the database system developed and run at DKRZ.

The ICSU World Data Center for Climate is a domain specific long term archive for climate data at DKRZ that can be accessed from all over the world.

GitLab :
The GitLab server at DKRZ provides a web-based platform for code management and version control within large software development projects.

Redmine :
The Redmine server at DKRZ offers a platform for the management and issue tracking of complex projects. :
The webserver can be employed for monitoring of running model simulations and evaluation of results.

JupyterHub :
JupyterHub enables DKRZ users to run Jupyter notebooks directly on the Mistral HPC system - with access to all their data in the lustre filesystem.