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ESGF Services

DKRZ, as one of the core members of the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF), provides a suite of services for publishing, accessing and analysing large-volume climate data sets to the scientific community.


ESGF Basics

The reliable global dissemination of large volume datasets has become a day-to-day exercise for many atmospheric and climate scientists. Especially the large model intercomparison projects (MIPS) conducted in recent years (e.g. CMIP5) and in the years to come (CMIP6 and endorsed MIPs within) could not have been facilitated without effective ways of making petabytes worth of climate model data globally available.

Global availability of such large volume climate data is achieved via the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF), an infrastructure of internationally distributed data nodes enabling the management, dissemination and analysis of large-volume scientific data. ESGF allows for global online visibility and accessibility of data products as well as globally uniform interfaces for web-based data search, access and subsetting.

DKRZ's role in ESGF

DKRZ is one of the founding members of ESGF, deploys one of the main ESGF nodes in Europe (Link) and acts as data publisher in ESGF, providing assistance before, during and after the publication process. This includes advice on data formats and assistance in making data be ESGF-compliant (see ESGF Preparation).

Further, DKRZ maintains the worldwide only ESGF-node associated with a certified long-term archive (DKRZ's LTA WDCC), allowing for publication and dissemination of long-term archived datasets via ESGF. In the context of the FAIR data guiding principles - which DKRZ has committed itself to -, DKRZ is specifically concerned with enabling the persistent identification of ESGF-published datasets through persistent identifiers (PIDs) or DOI's.

Easy global access to large climate datasets

Access to data made available through ESGF requires a registration and is open for anybody (for most datasets). The search portal features a faceted search and datasets are made available through download scripts. ESGF also offers the possibility of OPeNDAP access. More information on user registration and data access can be found here.

Publication of data for global dissemination and collaboration

Besides making data of large and internationally coordinated climate model inter comparisons available to the global community, publication of data in ESGF is the ideal way to, for example, enable international collaboration in the framework of smaller MIPs or to make relevant datasets easily accessible. Examples of such datasets published by DKRZ in ESGF are

  • the Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology's Grand Ensemble MPI-GE
  • TRAC-MIP - a project aimed at understanding the tropical rain belts and monsoon

Interested in having your dataset published in ESGF via the DKRZ? Please refer to our How-To ESGF guide!