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The DKRZ provides the long term archiving service "World Data Centre for Climate" (WDCC).
DKRZ has been offering its users long-term archiving as a service for almost 20 years.
More than 100 scientific projects have so far used this service, which includes an archiving period for at least 10 years, data access via internet and a DataCite DOI publication service.
This service is particularly well suited for research projects that want to make their results available for scientific re-use in the long term.
The long-term archive (LTA) of DKRZ is certified according to the criteria of WDS as well according to those of the Data Seal of Approval (DSA) . This confirms the value and significance of the digital long-term archive of research data at DKRZ.
Certification guidelines include aspects related to data producers and data consumers but also related to the repository itself.
The long-term archive of WDCC at DKRZ is also listed as recommended repository by the Data Journal of the Nature Publishing Group 'Scientific Data' in the Environmental & Geoscience section (





Archiving Concept :
Overview of the long term archiving service at DKRZ

How to use DKRZ's long term archive service LTA WDCC :
Step-by-step description for internal projects and external users of transferring project data into the WDCC long term archive (LTA).

WDCC Documentation :
WDC-Climate documentation: general, How To and data submission documentation

WDC-Climate portal :
The services of the WDCC focus on climate data collection, long-term preservation, and dissemination through DKRZ's operational CERA data and information system.