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The full-featured DKRZ long term archiving service LTA WDCC (World Data Centre for Climate) offers long term archiving for datasets relevant for climate and Earth System research.


Mission to support the global climate modelling research community

The mission of DKRZ's long term archiving service LTA WDCC is to provide central support for the climate modelling research community - a capacity becoming more and more important in times of large model intercomparison projects (MIPS) or very high-resolution simulations performed on very large (continental scale) or even global domains. Although not the main focus of LTA WDCC, archival of observational data or derivatives thereof supporting climate and Earth System modelling research is also possible.

Full-featured long term data curation (>10 years)

Compared to the more lightweight archiving service LTA DOKU, LTA WDCC includes intense data curation for storage periods longer than 10 years and therefore ensures the ongoing retrievability and usability of the data - a service going well beyond that what is required to meet common requirements of good scientific practice. 

Before being archived in LTA WDCC, datasets and the accompanying metadata undergo meticulous technical quality checks by DKRZ’s Datamanagement (DM) department. The possibility of providing extensive metadata for the datasets during the submission process allows them to be easily found and retrieved via various search portals. These include the central DKRZ CERA search, WMO’s Global Information System Centre (GISC) search node at the German Weather Service (DWD) DWD GISCEUDAT B2FIND or ESGF (Earth System Grid Federation, given the data structure conforms to ESGF standards).

Possibility to assign DataCite DOI's to preserved datasets 

Datasets preserved in LTA WDCC can be assigned a DataCite Digital Object Identifier (DOI) allowing for clear and standardised referencing in scientific publications and beneficial addition of datasets to a scientist’s publication record. The data undergo additional quality checks by DKRZ's DM department prior to being eligible for DOI assignment.

dsaWDS_Certified and internationally renowned reference archive

The LTA WDCC is certified according to the criteria of the ICSU World Data System as well as to those of the "Data Seal of Approval" - confirming the value and significance of the long term data preservation and curation at DKRZ. Furthermore, many top-tier scientific journals (e.g. Nature Scientific Data, Earth System Science Data) recommend LTA WDCC as trusted repository.

The archiving service LTA WDCC is available to the entire climate and Earth System research community.

Interested in preserving your research data using DKRZ's LTA WDCC service? See the items linked below for more information or contact DKRZ's DM department ()!

Data archival in LTA-WDCC the ideal solution for long-term curation of climate data.

Step-by-step guide for archiving datasets in LTA-WDCC at DKRZ

Searching and accessing LTA-WDCC data Climate data archived in LTA-WDCC are collected, long-term preserved and disseminated through DKRZ's operational CERA data and information system.

Access to data archived in LTA-WDCC