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3D Visualization of Ensemble Simulations: Met.3D (Hands On)

This hands-on workshop introduces "Met.3D", a new open-source tool for the interactive 3D visualization of atmospheric ensemble simulations. The tool has been developed with the primary motivation to support weather forecasting during aircraft-based atmospheric field campaigns, however, is applicable to forecasting, research and teaching activities.
09.10.2018 von 09:00 bis 12:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)
DKRZ seminar room 034
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Weather and climate predictions require meteorologists and atmospheric scientists to explore large amounts of simulation data, and to assess the uncertainty of the predictions. Visualization methods that facilitate fast and intuitive exploration of the data hence are of particular importance.

Using examples based on ensemble forecast data from the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), the attendees learn how to use the interactive 3D visualization tool Met.3D to visualize the simulation data jointly with the related uncertainty information that ensembles provide.

Example of the Met.3D user interface, displaying the wind speedisosurface along with a horizontal map of wind speed; the map can alsobe viewed in a synchronised 2D mode.Met.3D builds a bridge from proven 2D visualization methods commonly used in meteorology to 3D visualization by combining both visualization types in a 3D context. We address the issue of spatial perception in the 3D view and present approaches to using the ensemble to allow the user to assess simulation uncertainty. Met.3D uses modern GPU technology to achieve interactive visualization on standard consumer hardware.




Tuesday October 9, 2018,  9.00 am -- 12:00

Where: DKRZ main seminar room 034


  • Basic Linux/Unix knowledge
  • Account on DKRZ supercomputer Mistral (If you don't have one: Let us know in advance!)
  • Own laptop (with a sufficiently large display, e.g. full HD, and a mouse) with ssh and vncviewer installed


Registration is mandatory for this workshop!

The workshop will be held by Marc Rautenhaus, Regional Computing Center, University of Hamburg

More information on Met.3D is available on the Met.3D homepage:


References: Rautenhaus, M., Kern, M., Schäfler, A., and Westermann, R.: Three-dimensional visualization of ensemble weather forecasts – Part 1: The visualization tool Met.3D (version 1.0), Geosci. Model Dev., 8, 2329-2353,, 2015.