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DKRZ Tech Talks

Tech Talks provide users of DKRZ's systems with updates on effective usage. They are held as virtual talks followed by Q&A and are archived for further reference.

Below please find an overview of all (past and future) Tech Talks.

For planning and compliance with GDPR rules, we require registration for these events via simple DFN Terminplaner polls. See the individual events' pages for details.

All talks are recorded and uploaded to the DKRZ youtube channel for further reference. We also add a digest of the Q&A session to the individual talk's pages.

If you would like to suggest or - even better - offer a Tech Talk, please contact us via .

Titel Beschreibung Anfangsdatum
DKRZ Tech Talk: The Coupling Library YAC Moritz Hanke (DKRZ) and René Redler (MPI-M) will give an overview on the functionality of YAC and some details on how to use it. Additionally, the talk will include information on how YAC is used within the Icosahedral Nonhydrostatic (ICON) general circulation model, which is YAC's main user. 19.01.2021 15:15
Tech Talk: the mkexp tools for setting up climate model experiments Karl-Hermann Wieners (MPI-M) will provide insights on the use of the mkexp tools for easily setting up climate model experiments. 08.12.2020 15:15
Tech Talk: Visualizing unstructured grids from scripts and GUI with psyplot Philipp S. Sommer of HZG introduces Psyplot, a python-based data visualization framework that integrates rich computational and mathematical software packages into a flexible framework for visualization. 17.11.2020 15:15
Tech Talk: Pack'em ESMs! Tools for (un-)archiving Earth system model data Archiving large amounts of data files via pftp to the HPSS (tape system) is time consuming and takes some manual work. A new set of command line tools called "packems" was released for all DKRZ users with this Tech Talk. These tools simplify the archival and retrieval of data files to/from the HPSS – including the creation of tar balls and saving information on where which files are stored. 27.10.2020 15:15
Tech Talk: Machine Learning @DKRZ The DKRZ machine learning teams will introduce themselves. 13.10.2020 15:15
Tech Talk: Intake - Taking the pain out of data access Intake lets users easily load datasets in Python. In this Tech Talk, Aaron Spring from the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology will show how to use intake on the mistral supercomputer for loading locally available and remote data. 29.09.2020 15:15
Tech Talk: Compute time applications As compute time applications for 2021 are due at the end of October, we provide insights into the process of applying for compute time and will have Robert Sausen, the head of the WLA as a guest for insights into the decision process. 14.09.2020 15:15
Tech Talk: Jupyterhub Jupyter Notebooks have become increasingly popular among different fields of science. At the DKRZ, we provide different solutions to launch notebooks on our Supercomputer Mistral. In this talk, Sofiane Bendoukha covered access and log in to the service, launching Jupyter notebooks, switching/enabling kernels and interfaces and more. 01.09.2020 15:15