Moritz Hanke

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Reported issues: 5


04:23 pm YAXT Feature #341 (New): Call MPI_Testany from time to time to improve performance
While doing some tests with YAC, I noticed that: when setting up a list of MPI_Isends, the performance improved, if f...
10:03 am YAXT Feature #340 (New): Improve message send order in Xt_exchanger
Under certain circumstances the message order produced by the routine xt_exchanger_internal_optimize might not be opt...


11:45 am YAXT Bug #335 (New): passing pointers of zero-size arrays to redists
The addresses of arrays passed to xt_redist_s_exchange can be NULL, when the size of the array is zero. This can caus...


10:09 am YAXT Feature #334 (Closed): better bug message if xmap constructor fails
better error output is implemented in commit:1b629655


04:30 pm YAXT Task #332 (Closed): allow empty messages in exchange routines
Instead of allowing empty message I introduced a new datatype: xt_exchange. It stores the information required to do ...


01:45 pm YAXT Task #316 (Closed): check if base redist class makes sense
xt_redist_collection_static, xt_redist_p2p and xt_redist_repeat now all use the redist base class xt_redist_single_ar...


02:27 pm YAXT Feature #319 (New): support for two-phase-redistribution
Redistributions could also support a two-phase-redistribution scheme, that has has two communication steps. This pote...


04:58 pm YAXT Feature #315 (Closed): new constructor xt_redist_repeat
is now implemented


11:06 am YAXT Bug #313 (Closed): bug: xmap construction allows multiple writes to the same destination memory l...
duplication of #318
11:05 am YAXT Bug #318 (Closed): Eliminate multi-source indices
this is now fixed

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