Welcome to DKRZ


The DKRZ user portal serves as the entry point to your work with the DKRZ systems and services. You will find the current status of the systems, a detailed documentation, FAQs and references to interesting events. Ultimately, 'My DKRZ' allows the customization and management of personal work environment at DKRZ.

Getting started at DKRZ: New at DKRZ? Here you will find a short introduction to the most relevant topics combined with links to further readings.

User Support: If you need help beyond our web documentation: DKRZ's user consultancy can be reached by email at [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.], by phone 040-460094-275 and in room No. 218/219. We further provide dedicated consultancy for all topics regarding data management under [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

News & Events: Recent news as well as lectures and workshops related to DKRZ systems and services.

DKRZ User Settings: Manage your DKRZ account and projects: change your password, shell, contact details and email notification settings.

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