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NCL - light hands-on examples for EGU 2014

Here you will find the NCL examples for the splinter meeting SPM1.12 'Visualization Tools - A light hands-on' at the EGU2014.

In these examples, rectilinear (ECHAM), curvilinear (MPI-ESM-LR) and unstructured (ICON) data are used to demonstrate the capabilities of NCL, the NCAR Command Language. The examples always start with a basic script using only the defaults. All following examples in each section are built upon the same basis in order to demonstrate the use of the NCL resources. In the last example, shapefiles are used to derive and plot data only for selected federal states of Germany and their counties.


NCL contouring data on a rectilinear grid
Rectilinear grid (1D lat/lon coordinate arrays)

ex_reclin_1.ncl: basic script to plot the global data on a map
ex_reclin_2.ncl: contour line plot - use of resources
ex_reclin_3.ncl: color contour lines
ex_reclin_4.ncl: color fill between contour lines
ex_reclin_5.ncl: change colormap and labelbar size

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 NCL contouring data on a curvilinear grid
Curvilinear grid (2D lat/lon arrays)
ex_curlin_1.ncl: basic script to plot the global data on a map
ex_curlin_2.ncl: sub-region with grid edges

Data download:
Scripts download:
 NCL plot ex_unstruc_3_v6.2.0
Unstructured grid (point arrays)
ex_unstruc_1.ncl: basic script to plot the global data on a map
ex_unstruc_2.ncl: basic script to plot a sub-region
ex_unstruc_3.ncl: draw triangle polygons with edges

ex_unstruc_3_v6.2.0.ncl: same as example 3 above but using the new version of NCL

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 NCL plot ex_shapefile_3
Use of Shapefiles for regional data
ex_shapefile_1.ncl: contents of DEU_adm*.shp (panel plot: 2x2)
ex_shapefile_2.ncl: contour data and draw German states
ex_shapefile_3.ncl: averaged data in German coastal counties

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NCL Regrid 0.11 deg to 1 deg
ex_regrid_1.ncl: regrid rotated 0.11 deg data to lower resolution

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Export data to new netCDF file

ex_netcdf_1.ncl: write converted data to file
ex_netcdf_2.ncl: example 2, but in detail

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