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Overview of peripheral systems

To make usage of DKRZs HPC and data resources easier and to foster interactive collaboration between scientist and computer center staff, we offer some web-based services that might be integrated into your workflow.

gitlab :
For all its users DKRZ hosts a web-based Git repository manager based on the GitLab Community Edition.

modvis :
This web server infrastructure allows for easy presentation of and access to automated monitoring of running simulations in (near-)real time. DKRZ serves the technical installation of web server configuration and maintenance, but it is the scientists task to collect and prepare the actual monitoring data.

monitoring :
DKRZ gathers basic data on resource usage for each batch job running on the HPC system. The content and precision can be set by the user for each job individually allowing a basic profiling of the applications performance. Furthermore, current and historic data of the login node states and job queue status are given.

jupyterhub :
Jupyterhub offers the possibility to interactively work with Python in a web browser while the workload directly runs on the DKRZ HPC system - with access to all user data in the lustre filesystem.

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