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Most important concepts of the HPC system

The DKRZ user portal offers in-depth information about our systems and how to use them. However, we want to take the opportunity to tell you a few important things which are specific to your user accounts and projects on the HPC system.

Concept of HLRE projects

At DKRZ, resources (compute time and storage space) are granted to projects - not to individual users. Once your user account is approved, you are automatically member of at least one project.

Please contact your project admin for all questions related to the project and its resources. For different projects the DKRZ resources that can be used might be different. The personal usage of resources can be viewed for all involved projects at:

HLRE projects administration

Usage of the HPC System

Use the following command to access one of our login nodes

ssh <user-account>

in which <user-account> must be replaced by your individual account. You can also set up public key authentication.

Login nodes are for compiling and job submission only! For compute-intensive interactive tasks, you can use one of the pre- and post-processing nodes

ssh <user-account>

Note that these nodes are shared with other users. See our documentation for exclusive options.

For non-interactive batch jobs the HPC system offers different partitions which vary in the type of processor and amount of main memory installed. A workload manager is used to submit, schedule and execute the user jobs. To do so, users have to specify the resources needed for a specific job. Example job scripts can be found at the example batch script page. For the generic concept of batch jobs and resources scheduling, please read the section about Running Jobs. Remind that you have to specify the project-account for every batch jobs you submit.

It is highly recommended that you review general HPC documentation and tutorials if you are not familiar with the basic concepts. Example are

Data storage

The HPC system is equipped with a big parallel filesystem that is partitioned into different parts.

Store personal data which does not belong to any project you work on in your home directory. Your home directory is also the only area where we make daily backups. The quota for your home directory is 24 GiB.

Project data has to be stored in /work/<project-account>. Ask your project administrators what directory structure project member should follow. This storage has a limit depending on the granted space for each project and there is not backup.

Files in your scratch directory /scratch/*/<user-account> will be automatically deleted after 14 days. Your quota on scratch is 15 TiB. This is only a temporary storage for processing of large data sets.

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