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Legacy Data (HLRE1)

How to read legacy data from HLRE1 (hurrikan)

How to read legacy data from HLRE1 (hurrikan)


The legacy data on old filesystems

/prj/<prj>/arch, /prj/<prj>/doku,  $UT

can be accessed in the same way as new data from HLRE2.
Unlike the way of access you know from HLRE1 you have to use  pftp  now.

After calling  pftp  just change to the directory you need and use the  get/mget  command to fetch your data.

ftp> cd /dxul/prj/<prj>/[arch,doku]
ftp> cd /dxul/ut/[a,b,k,m,u,g]/<user>

Remember that only  get  resp  mget  are allowed operations, because access is restricted to read-only mode.


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