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DKRZ Cloud Storage System

The new cloud storage system hosted at DKRZ offers a secure platform for saving and distributing data on a global scale.

Use Cases

The cloud storage system can be used to share data in various ways:

  • Access data from different devices, e.g. notebook, smartphone and supercomputer
  • Share data with colleagues with or without account at DKRZ
  • Replicate data between different sites automatically

Please notice that all files are kept in three copies on different servers, but there is NO backup from which you could restore deleted or damaged files!


Access to the cloud is provided for each user which is active in at least one project. There are two types of accounts available: User accounts and project accounts. User accounts are accessible only by the user himself whereas project accounts
are shared between all project members.


  • 50 GiB per user
  • 10 TiB per project


We provide a scratch space of about 600 TiB in total.  Please be aware that data put into this space will be automatically deleted after 2 weeks!  You find the scratch in a container called dkrz_scratch in your account, but only if your account is used (which means at least one container has already been created).

Interfaces to the DKRZ Cloud Storage System

 If you use the RESTful API, you first need to obtain a token. For this, you have to make a GET request to with the headers X-Auth-User: <account>:<user> and X-Auth-Key: <password>.


For technical questions regarding DKRZ's object storage system, please contact Beratung

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