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Seminar and Meeting Rooms

The DKRZ has several rooms that can be used for meetings, seminars and conferences,  as well as to perform telephone- and video conferences. The list below shows the rooms that are available and points to pages that provide additional technical information, as well as discusses use cases.

To make a room reservation, use your DKRZ Google Calendar account (DKRZ members only), make a reservation for the time and day desired in your private calender, and invite the room that you need. For additional arrangements (different seating, catering etc.) contact the DKRZ main office (040-460094-0). To make the reservation more clearly, please use the following nomenclature "#034 ANW Title", which makes a reservation of room 034 for the application support group (ANW). If a room reservation is no longer needed, please delete it, as others might need this room as well. 

If you are not able to make room reservations yourself, please contact the DKRZ main office to assist you. If technical difficulties arise, please contact either Niklas Röber, Michael Böttinger or Frank Rambo at DKRZ.

Seminar Room 034 :
Multi-purpose seminar room with one projector. (30 seats)

Seminar Room 034.1 :
Multi-purpose seminar room with three projectors, a videoconference system and a 3D stereo powerwall. Can be combined with room 034. (20/50 seats)

Seminar Room 023 :
Multi-purpose seminar room with two projectors and a videoconference system. (20 seats)

Seminar Room 207 :
Multi-purpose seminar room with one projector. (20 seats)

Meeting Room 220.1 :
TV for presentations and videoconference. (8 seats)

Meeting Room 120 :
TV for presentation. (6 seats)

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