Program for Integrated Earth System Modelling

Project description

Earth System modelling has become more and more complex in the past and is in most cases a joint effort of more than one research centre.

Here you find the SCE-Handbook:

The European Union has recognized this by funding the 3-year FP5 PRISM project (Dec 2001 - Nov 2004) that gathered 17 European climate research centres and 4 members of the computer industries around an effort to develop an infrastructure for the establishment of a European climate research network.

M&D has participated in that effort by leading the WP3i work package charged with assembling state-of the-art climate models into a flexible, easy-to-use, and portable model environment that facilitates the preparation, execution, and analysis of Earth System model experiments.

Among the achievements of the project was the specification of a number of standards for Earth System models.
M&D was particularly engaged in the development of standards for compilation and execution of Earth System models. The PRISM Standard Compile Environment (SCE) and the PRISM Standard running Environment (SRE) have been adoped by M&D into its Integrating Model and Data Infrastructure (IMDI).

Other activities of M&D in the PRISM project was the development of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the configuration and monitoring of coupled Earth System Model experiments and of a low-end visualization system for model results. (WP4a)

At the end of PRISM its achievements have been summarized in the Detailed Documentation of the project results which was the basis of the End-of-project report to the EU.

The PRISM software is now supported by the PRISM Support Initiative (PSI) where M&D is engaged as well.

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