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upload and download information


Please read carefully the following (pdf) general info document with important info to the upload and download to our system.

View here the pictures on the upload and download scheme:

Overview of the UPLOAD PROCEDURE to the upload area of the WDCC data base CERA (jpg) (picture).

The user/data provider is responsible for the correct file transfer. The data provider performs a checksum script on the local machine prior to the upload and then again on the remote machine (upload area). More details are given in the (pdf) general info document.

Each data provider describes the data structure in a meta data desciption file. A specific tool to generate the required xml-files is provided here. The xml-files describing the data files are uploaded to the same directories as the data files in the upload area. More details are given in the (pdf) general info document.


upload procedure graphic
upload procedure

Overview of the DOWNLOAD PROCEDURE from the download area of the WDCC data base CERA (jpg) (picture).

For downloading data from the data base, you need a download account: cops(at) while every internet user may browse through the meta data information even without an account.

The download from the data base is possible via the web-interface of CERA (used for smaller download sizes) or with batch access (used for bigger download sizes). For batch access the java based tool "jblob" is provided. See here.


download procedure graphic
download procedure

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