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example files


(see (pdf) general info document for more details)

  • The example files have been provided by several participants of the MAP/D-PHASE project.
  • Thanks a lot for your contribution!
  • Please feel free to download any of them and be aware: no guarantee whatsoever is given.
  • Please check carefully for yourself and adapt the system paths to your needs.
  • netCDF stuff:
    • examples how to convert ascii to netCDF: (for hydro models) here (thanks to S. Jaun) or on GOP-website
    • description of the netCDF-file format definition for hydrological model data: (pdf) here (thanks to S. Jaun)
    • find here the link to the netCDF-site
    • find here the link to the CF-convention for naming the physical parameters in the netCDF-file
    • find here the link to a CF-convention file checker
  • example checksum/transfer scripts:
  • how to perform ssh without password:
  • example alert files for hydrological models: here (thanks to S. Jaun)

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