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COPS Campaign

COPS is the Intensive Observation Period of the Priority Program 1167 "Quantitative Precipitation Forecast" of the German Research Foundation (DFG)

 Welcome to the data management information siteCOPS for the following measurement/forecast campaigns to be held in 2007 in the Black Forest area in Southern Germany:


Data providers in the frame of COPS/GOP/DPHASE will find assistance in sending a request to


We will be happy to give advise and answer your questions concerning

  • the upload and download of your data to our upload area and the CERA data base
  • or the required meta data description of your upload data.

Klick here for more information for data providers:

  • some information on the data policy of the above measurement campaigns.

Joint GOP D-PHASE COPS data base at WDCC (World Data Center for Climate), Hamburg, Germany.

  • Find here the entry point to the CERA data base at the WDCC (World Data Center for Climate), Hamburg, Germany, where the joint GOP, D-PHASE, COPS data base is hosted.
  • Please note that access is restricted to the community members and when the Common Data Policy is obeyed.
  • For a user account for downloading the GOP, D-PHASE, COPS data please address cops(at)
  • Status of the COPS data base: Find here the fill status of the COPS data base.  A pdf- file gives a listing of the uploaded and expected data sets of the COPS Campaign. It will be updated in irregular intervals. In case of questions, please contact .

COPS Wiki page

The COPS Wiki page serves as a platform for easy exchange of information and discussions within the COPS community on, e.g., published and planned publications on COPS and related projects, IOPs, new synergetic data and overlay visualisations, model verification, tools, new data products, new visualisations of data etc.
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