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In our DKRZ Vis Blog you may find new information concerning the different software packages for visualization and data analysis that are provided and supported by DKRZ. We intend the blog to be a less formal way to complement our documentation with helpful tips and tricks, solutions, workarounds, and more, primarily with regard to NCL, ParaView, PyNGL, and Python.



Masking with Shapefiles

Masking with Shapefiles

Apr 17, 2020: Gridded model data usually lack information such as to which country grid boxes belong. Such social or political information is available as vector data, i.e. line segments that enclose the respective areas. One common format for this is the "ESRI shapefile". How to use such shape information in data analysis and visualization with NCL and outside of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is described in this article, more specifically how to convert ESRI shapefiles into NetCDF and how to properly work with them.

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