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ParaView on Mistral

This is a step-by-step description for running ParaView on Mistral.

Our supercomputer Mistral features 21 GPU nodes that are dedicated for data pre/post-processing and data visualization. In order to work with a 2D or 3D visualization program, you need to reserve a GPU node and connect to a properly started vncserver. The complete reservation/login procedure is described here, but if you are working on a personal Linux or Mac system, you can use this script to speed up this procedure. Please complete the script by adding your personal project and account numbers, as well as the correct path to you local vncviewer installation. A public key based login to MISTRAL is recommended.

Afterwards, just execute this script on you local system:

your-machine:~> ./start-vnc

This script does everything for you in the back, and a virtual desktop similar to Figure.1 should appear. In Figure.1 we additionally opened a terminal and started ParaView. ParaView does not need to be loaded as module as before, but instead you can start it directly from the Menu: Applications -> Graphics -> ParaView.

Starting ParaView

Figure1: ParaView on a GPU node of Mistral.

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