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DKRZ NCL color map example - use named colors

The example shows how to use named colors instead of a pre-defined color map. The user has to define an array containg the color names as strings which can be used with the resources cnFillPalette, vcLevelPalette, and stLevelPalette. The following script creates two plots in a panel using the color array (defined by named colors) which is reversed in the lower plot.

Example script:

; DKRZ NCL Example:     color_use_named_colors_for_colormap.ncl
; Description:          Demonstrate the use of named colors to define a color map.
;                       Use the reversed color map of the upper plot for the lower
;                       plot within the same frame.
;                       Can be used with
;                           cnFillPalette   colormap to used for a filled contour plot
;                           vcLevelPalette  colormap to use in a filled vector plot
;                           stLevelPalette  colormap to use in a filled streamlines plot
; 12.03.18  kmf
  f   = addfile("$HOME/NCL/NUG/Version_1.0/data/","r")
  var = f->tsurf(0,:,:)

  colors1 = (/"gray10","gray20","gray30","gray40","gray50","gray60","gray70",\
  colors2 = colors1(::-1)
;-- open workstation (frame)
  wks = gsn_open_wks("png","plot_color_use_named_colors_for_colormap")

;-- set common resources
  res                       =  True
  res@gsnDraw               =  False
  res@gsnFrame              =  False
  res@gsnMaximize           =  True

  res@cnFillOn              =  True                 ;-- turn on contour fill
  res@cnLinesOn             =  False                ;-- turn off contour lines
  res@cnLineLabelsOn        =  False                ;-- turn off line labels
  res@cnLevelSelectionMode  = "ManualLevels"        ;-- set contour levels manually
  res@cnMinLevelValF        =  250.                 ;-- minimum contour level
  res@cnMaxLevelValF        =  310.                 ;-- maximum contour level
  res@cnLevelSpacingF       =   10.                 ;-- contour level spacing
  res@lbLabelStride         =  4                  
  res@lbBoxMinorExtentF     =  0.15                 ;-- decrease the height of the labelbar

  res@tiMainFontHeightF     =  0.02

;-- draw the first plot in memory
  res@tiMainString          = "Use named colors and cnFillPalette"  ;-- title string

  res@cnFillPalette         =  colors1              ;-- color map array

  plot1 = gsn_csm_contour_map(wks, var, res)

;-- draw the second plot in memory
  res@tiMainString          = "Reverse the upper color map" ;-- title string

  res@cnFillPalette         =  colors2              ;-- reversed color map colors1

  plot2 = gsn_csm_contour_map(wks, var, res)

;-- generate the panel and advance the frame


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