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Avizo (Climatology Profile)

Avizo is a commercial interactive 3D visualization software with various additions and enhancements specifically for the use with climate data.

Here we describe the "Climatology profile" of Avizo, a powerful extended version of the commercial general purpose visualization software by the FEI Visualization Sciences Group, which is specifically customized for interactive 3D visualizations of climate model data. In a collaboration between DKRZ and the developer team of the software, a NetCDF-CF reader, a Projection module (for different map projections) and an Earth module for visualizing the geographical context had been added to the standard version of Avizo. Most visualizations in our Media Center had been produced with Avizo.


  • Current Version: Avizo 9.2
  • Command: avizo (module avizo must be loaded first)

     Once started, select the Climatology profile on the right hand side in Edit -> Preferences  -> General



This Avizo Tutorial document was developed at DKRZ. It focuses on the interactive 3D visualization of climate model data with Avizo. Many examples demonstrate the different visualization methods available in Avizo as well as some preprocessing steps possibly needed for optimal results.

For users of DKRZ visualization facilities, all required example data is accessible on the GPU nodes of the HPC server mistral.

The tutorial delivered with Avizo itself is based on our document, but it only covers a small subset of the contents of the DKRZ/Clisap tutorial.

Avizo (Climatology Profile) Tutorial (pdf, 14 MB, 143 pages)

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