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Avizo (Geophysics profile)

Avizo in its "Geophysics profile" is a powerful extended version of the commercial general purpose visualization software Avizo by the FEI Visualization Sciences Group, which is specifically customized for interactive 3D visualizations of geophysical data, such as volumetric seismic data.

Processing and visualization of land seismic data from crystalline environments is a challenging task. 3D rendering techniques can significantly help geoscientists to reveal and identify geological structures in 3D data cubes with low signal-to-noise ratio.

In collaboration with the Applied Seismics Group at the  Institute of Geophysics, University of Hamburg, DKRZ created numerous visualizations of 3D land seismic data from project BMWi 0325363C, Seismik im Kristallin, using Avizo Earth, an extended version of the commercial general purpose visualization software Avizo. Some of the animated visualizations created can be found in our media center.


 Avizo Earth User Interface

Avizo graphical user interface


  • Current Version: Avizo 9.0
  • Command: avizo (avizo module must be loaded first)

     Once started, select the Geophysics profile on the right hand side in Edit -> Preferences  -> General

  • Availability: DKRZ's visualization server
  • Requirements: TurboVNC/VirtualGL must be used.


Avizo Earth Tutorial - Cover

In the course of this collaboration, we developed an Avizo (Geophysics profile) tutorial document for 3D volumetric data visualization at DKRZ. This tutorial focuses on animated visualizations of 3D seismic datasets. It is based on coherence and migrated coherence data from project BMWi 0325363C and covers 3D visualization techniques such as volume rendering,  animated and transparent slices, camera paths and rotations, adding a map and marking a borehole position in space and time.

For users of DKRZ visualization facilities, all required example data is accessible on the gpu nodes of the supercomputer Mistral.

Avizo Earth 8.1.1 Tutorial (pdf, 3.25 MB, 64 pages)

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