ParaView is an open source visualization package that reads a variety of different data formats and lattices and implements the most common visualization techniques. More specifically, Paraview also reads netCDF files and supports different grids, so that it can be used to visualize climate and earth science data sets.


Figure 1: In-depth exploration of an ICON ocean data set in ParaView

The above example shows a complex visualization of an ICON ocean data set using ParaView. The viewport on the right displays the data, the selection made, as well as the Earth's topography. The three viewports on the left hand side are used to specify the selection, based on a scatterplot matrix and parallel coordinates. These techniques are especially well-suited for an in-depth data analysis and exploration.

The latest ParaView versions installed on Mistral's visualization nodes are 5.2.0 and 5.3.0, with 5.3.0 as default.

ParaView on Mistral Step-by-step description for the use of ParaView on the visualization nodes of Mistral

ParaView on Mistral

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ParaView tutorial

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