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Data Analysis and Visualization

Results of climate model experiments, which are mostly stored using the NetCDF or GRIB format, mostly need to be further processed and finally visualized to gain the desired information. Here we describe how to move the data between systems and the tools and services DKRZ offers for this important part of the climate modeling workflow.

Data Transfer Depending on the specific data transfer requirements, a variety of methods is available to move data from/to DKRZ systems as well as between DKRZ systems.

Here you can find information on the relevant tools

Data Processing DKRZ provides software and hardware for interactive and batch data processing and analysis.

Here you can find information on the relevant systems and tools

Data Visualization Systems for 2D or 3D visualization are an integral part of the supercomputer Mistral.

Here, you'll find information on the use of these systems and the visualization software available.

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