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Visualization Workshop SimVis 12/2012

On December 12th, we hold another visualization workshop that focuses on the visualization software SimVis.
Dec 12, 2012 from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM (Europe/Berlin / UTC100)
Room 024 at ZMAW
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On Wednesday, December 12th, the DKRZ hosts a one day tutorial for the visualization software "SimVis". The tutorial takes place in seminar room 024 in the ZMAW building and starts at 9am and lasts till around 5pm. This hands-on tutorial teaches you the concepts behind SimVis, and how to use it in your own visualization projects. We start with basic visualization techniques and cover the following content:


  • Login to the halo Viz cluster and starting SimVis
  • Converting data to be used in SimVis
  • Scalar and vector visualization techniques
  • Data analysis and specific data selection/deselection techniques
  • Deriving new data variables
  • Deriving quantitative information
  • Capturing screen shots and creating animations
  • (Working with ICON data - if interested and if time permits)


Registration is closed


SimVis with REMO data

SimVis is a software that strongly supports an exploratory visualization. This means that the software provides tools and techniques that allow a research on the data and the individual variables themselves. One of these techniques is the so called Linking & Brushing, using which the user can specifically select or deselect portions of the data, and use this selection to map other variables onto these data points. Using techniques likes scatterplots, histograms and timelines, this data-dependent selection process becomes very easy and intuitive.

An example would be to use a scatterplot to select only those data points that have a high temperature AND a low humidity. In the scatterplot, one would draw on one axis the variable temperature and on the other humidity, and select those parts that have high respective low values. See also the following figure, which shows a screenshot of SimVis with REMO data:



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