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Oct 10, 2017 from 01:30 PM to 05:30 PM (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)
DKRZ, MPI-M and Geomatikum, Bundesstrasse 45a, 53 and 55, Hamburg
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Three user training courses, done parallel at the same time, took place on October, 10th, 2017 from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm at DKRZ, MPI-M and the Geomatikum building (Bundesstrasse 45a, 53 and 55 in Hamburg).

    1. Parallel Debugging and Profiling (Florent Lebeau, ARM (formerly Allinea); Dr. Hendryk Bockelmann, DKRZ)
    2. Data Analysis (Dr. Stephan Kindermann, DKRZ)
    3. Creating CMIP-compliant data (Fabian Wachsmann, DKRZ)

The Slides of these trainings can be found here


The user training "Parallel Debugging and Profiling" offered an introduction to the allinea DDT parallel debugger and the allinea MAP profiling tool. Topics covered were:

  • Debugging of MPI and/or multithreaded code
  • Analysing memory leaks
  • deadlock detection in MPI
  • application profiling regarding I/O, memory bandwidth usage, vectorization, etc.


The training "Data Analysis"  covered two services that will support end users of DKRZ in the data analysis of large data collections:

  • a centrally managed data pool at DKRZ, which provides direct (read only) access to a large CMIP related data holding (CMIP5, CORDEX, CMIP6 in the future)
  • an environment which supports the exposure of processing services via the Web (as so called Web Processing Services). This environment supports scientits in hosting data analysis services and thus integrating own analysis scipts in external portals or e-science infrastructures.


Finally, the training "Ensuring compliancy of CMIP data with the CDO operator 'cmor' " introduced the newly developed CDO operator 'cmor' which supports the user in the generation of CMIP compliant data.

  • Being realized as a CDO operator, the tool will come with the comfort and support of the CDO toolkit. However, the project compliant formatting makes high demands on the correct specification of metadata, file names, and directory structure. The training targets CMIP6- and CORDEX participants who plan to provide project compliant data for publication in an ESGF data node.

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