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Visualization with NCL - Hands-on Workshop Fall 2014

rom September 29. to October 1., 2014, a 3-days hands-on workshop was held on the visualization of climate model data with the NCAR Command Language (NCL).
Sep 29, 2014 to Oct 01, 2014 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)
DKRZ, Bundesstraße 45a, 20146 Hamburg
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From September 29. to October first, 2014, the DKRZ / the CliSAP Climate Visualization Laboratory hosted a 3-day hands-on tutorial workshop on the data analysis and 2D visualization software "NCL", a scripting language developed by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).

Content: This is a beginner level workshop which was focused on the use of NCL for the visualization of 2D gridded model or observational data. The tutorial covers the following content:

  • NCL language basics
  • Scalar techniques (XY-, Contour-, Slice-, Bar Chart-plots)
  • Plot layout (Panels, Overlays, Annotations, Maps)
  • Creating animations

More advanced topics, specifically help with visualizing your own data can be covered on the third workshop day.

Prerequisites: Basic Linux/Unix and programming experiences are recommended.

Lecturers: Karin Meier-Fleischer (DKRZ) and Mary Haley (NCAR), supported by Michael Böttinger (DKRZ).

Workshop schedule: See here.




globe orography of different grid resolutions Multiple timeseries Contour overlayed by vectors



NCL - the NCAR Command Language


NCL Tutorial DKRZ NCL Tutorial Dokument
NCL HomePage NCL-HomePage
DKRZ NCL Supplemental Document Layout DKRZ NCL Supplement document about Layout


Reference cards

Unix reference card - by DKRZ

NCL scripting lanuage reference card - by DKRZ


Workshop slides as PDF files:


NCL Workshop scripts:

Workshop exercises


This workshop was carried out with financial support by DKRZ, IMPRS-ESM/MPI for Meteorology, NCAR and CliSAP.




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