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3D Visualization with Avizo - Hands-on Workshop Spring 2017

On March 27 and 28, 2017, a 2-day hands-on workshop will be given at DKRZ on the interactive 3D-visualization of climate model data with Avizo. The workshop will take place at DKRZ, Bundesstraße 45a, 20146 Hamburg, in room 034.
Mar 27, 2017 to Mar 28, 2017 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)
DKRZ, Room 034, Bundesstraße 45a, 20146 Hamburg
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On March 27 and 28, 2017, DKRZ / the CliSAP Climate Visualization Laboratory will host a 2-day hands-on tutorial workshop on using the interactive 3D visualization software Avizo. Avizo is a commercial general purpose 3D visualization software with special enhancements for climate model data and can be used via the visualization nodes of DKRZ's supercomputer mistral. We at DKRZ use Avizo regularly for producing high quality visualizations such as those you will find in our media center.


This is a beginner level workshop focused on the use of Avizo for the interactive visualization of gridded multivariate 2D and 3D model data. The tutorial covers the following content:Avizo 9.2 User Interface

  • Starting a visualization session on Mistral
  • Getting started with Avizo
  • Methods for 2D scalar fields
  • Methods for 3D scalar fields
  • Vector field visualization
  • Creating animations
  • NetCDF and data processing


  • Basic Linux/Unix and programming experiences are strongly recommended.
  • A user account for DKRZ's supercomputer Mistral. If you don't have an account, we can provide you with a temporary account for this workshop. However, if you would like to use Avizo from this point on, you will need to have an account at DKRZ.
  • A laptop with ssh and TurboVNC installed on it: you are asked to bring your own laptops to interactively work on mistral's visualization nodes. Please let us know if you won't be able to bring a laptop with you!


Michael Böttinger, Dela Spickermann, Niklas Röber, and Karin Meier-Fleischer (all DKRZ).





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