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HSM: "slk group" activated and "packems" updated

Dec 14, 2021

Dear users,

The "slk group" command has been fixed and, now, is available for you. In recursive mode ("slk group -R") the command changes the groups of 5 to 6 files per second. We expect that this will be improved by future updates.

Additionally, "packems" has been updated to support full archiving again although "slk retrieve" is still not activated. packems version 2.0.0p2 will now create the INDEX.txt file only after all files have been written to the tape archive. If it finds an existing INDEX.txt file in the target directory, packems will write the new entries to INDEX.txt~1 instead (or INDEX.txt~2, ... resp.). This way, you should now be able to archive data with packems directly, without the need for a workaround. The additional INDEX.txt~N files will be registered in your personal packems register and will work with unpackems/listems as soon as 'retrieve' may be re-enabled.

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