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Interested in Green HPC? - Join new working group

Dec 01, 2021

Dear DKRZ users,

Soon we will be able to use the new Levante system, which will provide us with even more computing power and storage. Many new, interesting model simulations will become possible, which will give us new insights into the earth system and possible developments in the climate. However, we must not ignore the fact that we as users of the DKRZ leave a not inconsiderable CO2 footprint with our simulations. What does this mean for our work as scientists? What possibilities of Green High-Performance Computing are there to minimize our footprint without reducing our scientific output? Can technical options be used, for example, to shift certain jobs into times when there is more green electricity in the grid? These and other questions are to be discussed in a working group to be established by the user group. If you feel addressed to work on this topic and develop new ideas on how we climate researchers can make our contribution to reducing CO2, then get in touch with Akio Hansen ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]), who initiated these discussions as a DKRZ user running small-scale simulations, or with Bernadette Fritzsch ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]) as chairwoman of the DKRZ user group committee.

We look forward to hopefully strong interest in the topic.

Kind regards,
Akio and Bernadette

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