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Course announcement: Python Course for Geoscientists

Oct 08, 2021

Dear users,

DKRZ and UniHH are hosting a 4 days Python Course for Geoscientists as a virtual workshop from 26-29 Oct 2021.

In today's world, there is usually no way around the Python programming language in the geosciences. However, learning Python on your own is usually associated with many difficulties and leads only to unsatisfactory results, which is why this course was developed especially for beginners.

Python is an easy to learn but powerful programming language. It has abstract data structures and a simple approach to object-oriented programming. The very extensive standard library offers almost everything you need. And if you need something more specific, you can usually download it for free from third-party distributions.

This workshop will take place via Zoom videoconference.

Registration is open now at

Best regards,

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