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New data transfer service at DKRZ: Unicore uftp

Aug 31, 2021

Dear users,

the transfer of big amounts of data over long distance
network connections usually requires efforts to improve
efficiency. Special tools that can use multiple parallel
streams and multiple processes to speed up data transfers
have to be used.

DKRZ now provides unicore uftp servers for data transfer to
and from mistral. uftp is already part of the data transfer
services of LRZ, HRLS and JSC. These sites also won the
"Most Systemic Approach Award" in the Data Mover Challenge
at SCAsia 2020 with uftp:

The unicore uftp client is already installed on the mistral
nodes ("module load uftp"). It is written in Java and runs
on multiple platforms. Documentation for uftp can be found

Best regards,

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