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DKRZ Tech Talk: Visualizing unstructured grids from scripts and GUI with psyplot

Nov 11, 2020

Dear users,

it is our great pleasure to announce next week’s Tech Talk. On Tuesday, Nov. 17, at 15:15, Philipp S. Sommer (HZG) will introduce you to visualizing unstructured grids from scripts and GUI with psyplot.

psyplot ( is a data visualization framework that integrates rich computational and mathematical software packages (such as xarray and matplotlib) into a flexible framework for visualization. It differs from most of the visual analytic softwares such that it focuses on extensibility in order to flexibly tackle the different types of analysis questions that arise in pioneering research. The design of the high-level API of the framework enables a simple and standardized usage from the command-line, python scripts or jupyter notebooks. A modular plugin framework enables a flexible development of the framework that can potentially go into many different directions. The additional enhancement with a flexible GUI makes it a visualization framework that can be handled from the convenient command-line, as well as via point-click handling. It also allows to build further desktop applications on top of the existing framework.

In this TechTalk, Philipp will show the main functionalities of psyplot, with a special focus on the visualization of unstructured grids (such as ICON), and the usage of psyplot on the HPC facilities of the DKRZ (mistral, jupyterhub, remote desktop, etc.). His demonstration will cover in particular

  • the psyplot framework
  • how to use psyplot in python scripts (and jupyter notebooks)
  • a guide to the psyplot GUI
  • the new ncview-like interface build upon psyplot
  • how to reuse plot configurations and generate respective templates

The presentation material is publicly available at

Please register by taking the poll at

Find all details at

Please find the recording our last Tech Talk on archiving with packems at

A quick outlook:

On December 8 Karl-Hermann Wieners (MPI-M) will provide insights on the use of the mkexp tools for setting up climate model experiments.

Future talks will be scheduled based on user requests and availability of speakers. You can find all information on past and upcoming talks at If you would like to see a talk on a specific topic, or provide a talk, please contact us via [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.].

Best regards,

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