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ERA 5 data at DKRZ's Mistral

Oct 07, 2020

Dear users of DKRZ ERA resources,

the submission deadline for allocation requests of DKRZ resources is approaching and some of you will use the new ERA 5 data from ECMWF on the mistral machine. This mail is to give you some information on the ERA 5 data that you can access on mistral (/pool/data/ERA5).


Time span: Data from 1979 to present are ready and fetched to mistral. Older data (1950 to 1978) are not yet officially released, although a preliminary version is available in the web. The estimated time of release is end of 2020. We then will retrieve them from ECMWF, too.


Grid: 2D data is on a Gauss N320 (about 0,281°x0,281°) grid. Pressure levels: Although some of the pressure level data still is stored on a spherical harmonic grid at ECMWF, we will convert them and store them on a Gauss grid N320 (except D & VO). Data on Model levels are in sph. harm. as at ECMWF.


License: ERA Interim and all older ERA versions (ERA 40, 15) are now under “CC by” license, so they can be used and shared if cited properly, for ERA 5 holds a similar license.


ERA 5.1: We also plan to retrieve the additional version of 2000 to 2006 ERA5 data (ERA5.1) which have improved values in the stratosphere, although they do not differ much in the lower levels.


Mailing list: for additional information an era mailing list has been established to which you can subscribe via the following link:


When you write the allocation request, please avoid any double disk storage of data wherever possible!



Best regards,


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